Super Bowl XLVIII Special

The Super Bowl is finally here. Super Bowl XLVIII will showcase the Seattle Seahawks against the Denver Broncos. Will this be Peyton Manning’s final season playing football? Will the NFL’s first deaf offensive player leave with a Super Bowl ring? You’ll all find out on Sunday, February 2.


Anticipating Super Bowl XLVIII, we want to offer our awesome customers some great Super Bowl Specials for this weekend. First, our grilling supreme special – marinated boneless chicken breasts (all flavors – super special $2.99lb). We have Italian, Homemade BBQ, and Beaujolai Chiken.


Second, remember that we have party trays, stuffed mushrooms, homemade BBQ marinated ribs, homemade BBQ marinated chicken wings, gourmet hamburgers (bacon/cheddar, mushroom/swiss, homemade BBQ/onion, and jalapeño/sharp provolone), and steaks (Delmonico, Filet, Sirloin, London Broil, chipped steaks, and more).
 fresh beef