Extra Hours!!!

This Weekend Specials – 12.15 – 12.16

Boneless Kunzler Hams  – $3.99lb   Fresh Kielbasa – $3.79 Smoked Kielbasa – $4.99lb

Thanksgiving Extra Hours Tuesday/Wednesday

Tuesday 11/21/17 – 9:00am – 7:00pm Wednesday 11/22/17 – 9:00am – 6:00pm  

11/17/17-11/18/17 Specials

This weekends specials. Pork Sage Sausage – $3.79lb -Rope Sausage -Sausage Patties -Loose Sausage   Smoked Kielbasa  – $5.49lb

Labor Day Weekend! Chicken Burgers on sale

Happy Labor Day!!!! Here at Lancaster County Meats and Deli we make our own amazing Gourmet Chicken Burgers! Bacon and Cheddar!   2 for $3.00 Spinach and Feta!  2 for $3.00 They are great for the grill! If you want to impress your company or Labor day party, you have to have these Gourmet Chicken […]

4th of July weekend Specials

Gourmet Burgers Beef – 2 for $4.50 – Bacon and Cheddar ** Mushroom and Swiss *** Jalapeño and Provolone *** Buffalo Blue Cheese *** Philadelphia Cheesesteak *** BBQ and Onion *** Chicken – 2 for $3.50 – Spinach and Feta ****** Bacon and Cheddar Turkey – 2 for $3.50 – Spinach and Feta ****** Bacon […]

Fathers Day Specials! 6/16-6/17

Filet Mignon Steaks – $18.99lb Tavern Ham – $4.99lb

Memorial day sale- Marinated Chicken Breast – $3.99lb

Marinated Chicken Breasts- $3.99lb- BBQ – Beaujolais – Italian This is an amazing item for your grill. Memorial Day parties! Stock your freezer, impress your friends, whatever the reason, come to Booths Corner this weekend and try them out.

Memorial day EXTRA HOURS – Thursday 9am-5pm

We are open extra this weekend for your Memorial day plans and needs Thursday 5/25 9am-5pm Friday 5/26 9am-9pm Saturday 5/27 9am-8pm We will have our marinated chicken on sale this weekend – $3.99lb regular price – $5.19lb

Easter Specials

ALL Kunzler Boneless Hams   $3.99 lb. We have sizes ranging from 2 lb. halves – 12 lb. Boneless Hams We also offer… *Spiral Cut Boneless Hams *Honey Glaze *Cranberry & Pineapple Glaze We also have our popular FRESH & SMOKED Kielbasa Sausage!