This Weekends Specials – Friday June 26, Saturday June 27

Turkey Sage Patties – $2.99lb Turkey Sage Rope   –  $2.99lb

Fathers Day Specials

Gourmet Hamburgers – 2 for $4.00 Bacon & Cheddar – Jalapeno & Sharp – Portabella Mushroom & Swiss – BBQ & Onion Treat your Father to an Amazing Hamburger on the Grill!!

This Weekend Specials – Friday June 12 – Saturday June 13

1.Sage Pork Sausage – $2.99lb 2.Sage Pork Patties   – $2.99lb 3.Tavern Ham – $4.99lb

This Weekends Specials – Friday June 5, Saturday June 6

1. Tavern Ham – $4.99lb 2. Regular Little Links – $2.99lb 3. Apple Maple Little Links – $2.99lb  

This Weekends Specials – Friday May 29, Saturday May 30

1. Fresh Ground Meatloaf Mix – $2.99lb 2. Tavern Ham – $4.99lb ~Our Fresh Meatloaf Mix is ground daily and consists of around 50% beef/50% pork. Nothing else is added, ready for you to make your amazing Meatloaf recipe! ~Tavern Ham, very lean, hand cut right in the heart of Lancaster. Cooked to perfection

Friday May 15/ Saturday May 16 – SPECIALS

Friday May 15/ Saturday May 16 – SPECIALS   Last weekend for the promotion Smoked Chipped Ham – $2.99lb

100% Grass Fed, Certified Black Angus Beef

We are now carrying 100% Grass Fed, Certified Black Angus Beef. Organically Raised. We buy from a local supplier right in Lancaster County. Come Check it out and see was Amazing Fresh Products we have.

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day. We have a great idea to treat your mom to a Mothers Day Meal.. “Our Own” 1.Chipped Steak (great for cheese steaks) – Super Special – $4.99lb 2.Smoked Chipped Ham – $3.99lb

This weeks Specials, Friday April 17 – Saturday April 18

1. Center Cut Boneless Ham Slices – $3.99lb -Excellent for the Grill! 2. Fresh Boneless Pork Butts – $2.99lb – Great for Pulled Pork

Specials for 3/21 – 3/22

We have 3 items on special this weekend, one of which is a brand new item! This weekend’s (3/21 – 3/22) specials:   *New Item* Taylor Pork Roll – $6.99lb Center Cut Bacon – $5.49 Mild Pork Grillers – $3.99