Fantastic February TV Giveaway

Greetings Lancaster County Meats & Deli customers! We have a special gift to our loyal customers for the month of February – a 46 inch Phillips LED TV with internet capability! For every $50 that you spend at our store, you will receive one entry into our drawing. There are no entry limits so if […]

Super Bowl XLVIII Special

The Super Bowl is finally here. Super Bowl XLVIII will showcase the Seattle Seahawks against the Denver Broncos. Will this be Peyton Manning’s final season playing football? Will the NFL’s first deaf offensive player leave with a Super Bowl ring? You’ll all find out on Sunday, February 2. Anticipating Super Bowl XLVIII, we want to offer our awesome […]

Special for this Weekend (1/10 – 1/11)

We have some great specials for our Lancaster County Meats & Deli customers. This weekend’s specials (1/10 – 1/11) are:      Chipped and Slice Black Forest Honey Glazed Ham (*New*) – $3.99lb Block Smoked Sharp Cheddar Cheese (*NEW*) – $6.99lb   We look forward to seeing you this weekend. Remember, quality meats are our […]

Special for this Weekend (1/3 – 1/4)

We have special for our Lancaster County Meats & Deli customers on Kunzler boneless ham slices. This weekend’s special (1/3 – 1/4) is:     Kunzler Boneless Ham Slices – $4.49lb

Specials for 12/20-12/21

This weekend we have decided to keep it simple with one special! We noticed that a lot of you have been purchasing kielbasa for the holiday season so we want to help out our loyal customers. This weekend’s special (12/20 – 12/21) is: Smoked Kielbasa – $4.79lb

Specials for 12/12-14

Kunzler boneless hams are $3.99lb. They are the perfect main course for your Christmas dinner. If you’re planning on buying a ham for Christmas, purchasing it this weekend would be the best way to save some cash! If you have never tasted a delicious Kunzler’s ham, then come on in and visit us this weekend. […]

Thanksgiving Turkeys and Holiday Hours

Wow! Thanksgiving is almost here! With the holiday approaching, we want to thank you for all of your Turkey orders. If you haven’t order your Thanksgiving turkey yet, feel free to stop in and let us know what you need. Remember, our turkeys are antibiotic free, hormone free, free range and all natural. We have some […]

Specials for this Weekend (11/21 – 11/22)

It’s another weekend at Booth’s Corner Family Market! This weekend’s specials includes our brand new “Grab -N- Go” Subs, both smoked turkey and country style ham. They are freshly made and are ready for you to grab and eat on the go! Come and give ’em a try! This weekend’s specials (11/21 – 11/22) are: […]

Specials for this Weekend (11/15 – 11/16)

We have some great specials for our Lancaster County Meats & Deli customers, including our brand new lunchmeat: Old Fashion Country Style Ham. This weekend’s specials (11/15 – 11/16) are:      Cooper Sharp Cheese – $4.49lb Old Fashion Country Style Ham (*NEW*) – $4.49lb     We are receiving a lot of Thanksgiving Turkey […]

Specials for this Weekend (11/8 – 11/9)

We have some great specials for our Lancaster County Meats & Deli customers. This weekend’s specials (11/8 – 11/9) are:    Domestic Swiss Cheese – $4.99lb Old Fashion Country Style Ham (*NEW*) – $4.49lb   Also, Thanksgiving Turkey orders are just flying in! Make sure you figure out what size bird you need for this […]