This Weekend Specials – Friday June 12 – Saturday June 13

1.Sage Pork Sausage – $2.99lb 2.Sage Pork Patties   – $2.99lb 3.Tavern Ham – $4.99lb

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Hello Lancaster County Meats & Deli customers! With Thanksgiving approaching, we want to make you aware of our special holiday hours. Tuesday November 26th = 9 am – 5 pm Wednesday November 27th = 9 am – 8 pm     Also, don’t forget we are now taking orders for Thanksgiving turkeys and hams. All […]

Ham Loaf

HAM LOAF Bake in oven at 350º for 45 minutes in an open pan. Download the recipe card: Ham Loaf Recipe

Boneless Ham

BONELESS HAM Place ham in baking dish adding in 1 inch of liquid. Bake covered at 350º for 10 to 15 minutes per pound. Our suggestions for liquid: Coke, Ginger Ale, pineapple juice or water. Optional: Before baking, coat top of ham with Lancaster County Meats and Deli ham glaze to give it extra flavor. Download the […]