New Years Specials!

11/10/17-11/11/17 Specials

American Cheese – $3.99lb   Oven Roasted Turkey Breast – $6.99lb

8/4 – 8/5 Specials

homestyle turkey breast – $5.99lb Honey BBQ Chicken Griller – $3.99lb Bacon & Cheddar Gourmet Burger – 2 for $4.00

Specials For the Weekend 7/14-7/15

Tavern Ham – $4.99lb Cheddar Cheese Chicken Griller – $3.99lb Buffalo Blue Cheese Gourmet Burger – 2 for $4.00

6/2 – 6/3 Specials Sweet Italian Sausage, Cooked Ham

This weekends Specials are great Summer items we offer Sweet Italian Pork Sausage – $3.79lb, 5 lb or more $2.99lb Cooked Ham – $2.99lb

It’s that time of year again!

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This Weekends Specials – Friday June 5, Saturday June 6

1. Tavern Ham – $4.99lb 2. Regular Little Links – $2.99lb 3. Apple Maple Little Links – $2.99lb