Freezer Special this weekend!

With summer coming to end soon, make sure you take advantage of the “Grilling Weather” days! We can help you out with supplying the HAMBURGERS for your cookouts! FREEZER SPECIAL 5 lb. Box of Regular Hamburgers ONLY $21.99 a box ***************************************** 5 lb. Box of Bacon Hamburgers ONLY $21.99 a box Marinated Filet Mignon Steaks […]

SPECIALS for July 4th

***HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!***¬† What do you have planned for your 4th of July??? Stop in at Lancaster County Meats & Deli this weekend to get all your essential meats for your upcoming picnic(s)! Our GREAT July 4th SPECIALS are… Regular Burgers¬†{Fresh OR Frozen} $4.29 lb. 5 lb. Box ONLY $20.49 Bacon Burgers¬†{Fresh OR Frozen} $4.29 […]

FROZEN 5 lb. Box of Bacon & Regular Hamburgers on SPECIAL

This is grillin’ season weather! You get 20 hamburger patties in a 5 lb. box for a GREAT deal! ONLY $21.99 a box Two flavors: Bacon Burgers Regular Burgers *DON’T worry about buying them frozen, especially when you are wanting to use them this weekend (or the same day you buy them) There is NO […]